Website Development

We design websites which increase user engagement, decrease site loading time, and generated more high quality leads.

Today thousands of web developers are providing services through agencies and freelancing but most of the websites are not working according to search engines and users expectations. Through DigiRavan we continuously find out  loopholes to not to make similar mistakes in our websites. Having a website in internet savvy world is very basic but It’s always in bottom list to invest on compare to other online marketing channels.

"Our Website Mission is to turn the visitors into the conversion"
We made a deep search that enables a website to be fully functional, responsive and worth the money invested in it. DigiRavan segregated website designs and developing services into different categories.

We take care of everything mentioned below while creating a website:-

  1. Clean, Simple & reflection of brand.
  2. Call to action buttons: dial, videos, e-mail sign-ups, contact forms, lead generation form, purchase button etc.
  3. Detailed information about products and services.
  4. Responsive website to work on different devices.
  5. On-Page optimization with unique content.
  6. Social Media Integration & Site authenticity by; testimonials, case studies & client listing.
  7. Share button on images, videos, listings, posts and blogs to allow users to share instantly.

Take a look at service divisions offered by DigiRavan

1. Website Designing / Development

  • Website aim to increase conversion.
  • Good graphics and visual presentation.
  • Striking CTA buttons
  • Implementation of desired functionalities using updated technology.
  • Different category websites: corporate, e-commerce, portfolio, landing page, blog, news, video based etc.
  • Maintain keyword density.
  • Unique content.
  • Image optimization.
  • Maintain keywords in headings.
  • Speed optimization.
  • Security optimization.
  • Analytics & Search console integration.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Meta title & Meta description with optimized content. 

3. Website Maintenance

  • Cleaning viruses & bugs.
  • New information, article and blog posting.
  • On-page revision of web pages;
    Add, delete and edit content on website.
  • Monthly website performance report.
  • Weekly backup of website.
  • Functionality check-up;
    such as – forms, searches, booking, e-mail, subscription, broken link, SEO health etc.

4. Redesigning Website

  • Redesigning high quality website.
  • Website loaded with user friendly features.
  • Engaging and informative content.
  • Optimizing website for smart phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Visual improvements.
  • Readable for search engine.
  • Optimize user’s journey.

E-commerce Website Developement