Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a process of paid search marketing through search engines like Google or bing. Search Engines deliver targeting audience on advertisers website or app.

Our Team of PPC experts Take care of all given SEM components:

Campaign Strategy:

Setting up a campaign on any search engine needs a plan where we initially identify and mention our campaign goals, targeting platforms, budget, geo-target, audience & landing page action buttons.

Keyword Research

Targeting a competitive is most crucial part of search engine marketing.

Targetting low cost and high competition keyword. Set keyword bids under budget. keep editing negative keywords to ignore irrelevant clicks. 

Campaign development.

  • We design and run strategic campaign on target search engines.
  • We create and optimize landing page for better user journey.
  • Create audience & setup budget with bidding strategy.
  • Maximum use of Ads extension.
  • Create Ad groups with different target keywords.
  • Create informative and user friendly snippet content to get maximum clicks.

Campaign Management & Maintainance

We keep tracking campaign performance and constantly make changes to required adjustments. 
Keep optimizing campaigns with keyword lists, negative keywords & target audience.

Re-marketing:- By remarketing strategy we can obtain better ROI on campaigns. This is a process to target audience who already showed their interest with our product or brand. It allow us to target people on their behavior and website journey.