Search Engine Optimization

To be a successful and renowned brand on internet in 2021, one has to stay on the top of thousands of other businesses presenting themselves online.

It is hard for all companies (especially small & SMB’s) to afford a full-time staff for SEO, where they hire SEO expert agencies who help them to keep updated with Google algorithms and best SEO practices to keep their digital positioning high and increase organic search results. Here are some key stats on which we created our Service to be best in quality:

  1. The First 5 search engine results account for 67% of clicks.
  2. Search Engine algorithms are based on more than 200 factors to rank a website.
  3. 91% of web pages never got organic traffic due to not optimizing content.

Keyword Research

We target keywords which matches content, brand, product or service with high search volume.
Analyze top 10 competitors ranking on the targeting keywords.

We check keyword density, content length and image counts to know whether we need to work on existing content or create new content to rank on the top.
Identify how many link buildings will require to defeat competitors website on targeting keywords.

We Take Care of All On-Page Aspects Mentioned Below:

  1. Content / Blog / Article posting.
  2. Maintain 2% keyword density.
  3. Unique and useful content.
  4. Optimizing meta title & keywords by inserting keywords.
  5. Compress and optimize images with alt text.
  6. identifying and removing broken links.
  7. Featured snippet.
  8. Speed Optimization.
  9. Analytics and Search console integration.
  10. Social Media integration
  11. Response optimization to all devices.
  12. Canonical tag implantation.
  13. Interlinking webpages of websites.
  14. providing useful outbound links and more.

Our Off-page techniques include following services.

  1. Target to create 80-100 backlinks daily of a website.
  2. Link building types: bookmarking, business listings, forum commenting, image submission, pdf submission, classified ads and more.
  3. target low competition keywords to get faster results.
  4. Social media sharing in groups and pages.
  5. use of diversify titles in backlinks.

Advance link building is quite time consuming and time consuming way of link building but most effective which includes:

  1. Focus on quality backlinks and quantity.
  2. Get links from relevant web pages and contents.
  3. Unique content for every post.
  4. Quick indexing.
  5. Guest posting.
  6. Blogs and articles published by influencers.
  7. Blog posting on competitors link prover sites with high DA & PA.

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