Social Media Marketing aim to build a strong web presence for a brand, it plays a vital role in growing a brand & revenue.

Social media marketing is one of the fastest ways to spread brand awareness, boost linkability, generate website traffic, building conversion, create brand positioning and identity, higher search engine ranking, improve interaction with customers, build customers relationship and many more.

Social Media Marketing

  • Compelling market research & analysis of targeting products, services, domain or industry.
  • Finding local competitors with higher engagement and audience.
  • Analyzing content and market strategy.

Identify target audience

  • Who is your target audience demographically & geographically?
  • Where they belong to such as work, interest & income level.
  • Which social media channel do they use?
  • Their social media behaviour and searches.

Analyzing social media presence

  • Analyzing profile optimization.
  • Content strategy.
  • Post consistency.
  • Engagement rate.
  • Paid campaign analysis.
  • Social media insight study.
  • Check keyword consistency.
  • Choosing social media platform.
  • Creating and optimizing strategy.
  • Content development plan.
  • prepare a monthly/weekly posing calendar.
  • Website integration with social media.
  • Social media accounts interlinking.
  • Content delivery plan.
  • Finding target keywords, phrases & topics.

Implementing strategies & keep tracking

  • Profile creation, optimization & branding.
  • Content creation & publishing.
  • Target right  Audience with age, gender, location, profession, activity etc.
  • Creating infographic images for high-performance ads.
  • A/B split testing of ads.

Paid Campaigns Maintaining social media reputation & build customer relationship

  • Dedicated social media manager.
  • Optimizing growth and monitoring all activities.
  • Respond to all activities.
  • Regular posting schedule.
  • Research & adapt to new social media trends.

Research and analysis

  • Tracking & optimization: audience, engagement rate, reach, CTR, ROI, traffic flow, page insights, campaign performance etc.
  • Competitor progress tracking.
  • Prepare a report with performance, implementations, investments, result, & suggestions.