Web Analysis

Web analysis & competitor analysis is very first and crucial part of digital marketing although in traditional marketing before planning and implementing any strategy.


We focus on detailed information.

Our online tools allow us to understand customers online behaviour and let us track their demographics, likes, location etc, which help us to refine and improve paid campaigns, SEO, social media strategies and many more. 

What we can find out from web analytics?

  • visitors count, time spent on the website, most viewed pages, traffic source & leads submission.
  • User behaviour & bounce rate.
  • Visitors demographic, geographic & interest informations.

Competitors Analysis

Get to know how your competitors are performing on web, what techniques they use to get more visitors and which platforms is giving them best benefits. Competitors web presence and strategies may help you in making yours.

  • Identify competitors focus keywords and keywords which is giving them benefits.
  • Identifying web competitors.
  • SEO techniques.
  • Target audience.
  • call to action.
  • target locations.
  • website size and speed.
  • blog posting consistency.

Local business listing generate 40% business through google maps. We analyze competitors listing and efforts:

  • Rating
  • Reviews
  • Keywords
  • Title & description
  • Posts
  • Service offered
  • Website& social media integration
  • Photos / 360 view
  • Opening hours & days.
  • Traffic source – paid/organic.
  • Website ranking keywords.
  • SEO traffic.
  • Most clickable keyword of competitors.
  • Ranking position on SERP.
  • Search volume & results on top keywords.
  • Reffering domains.
  • Quality of backlinks & anchor texts.
  • Ads meta title & description.
  • Landing page.
  • Call to action.
  • Relevancy of results on keywords.
  • Number of ads running.
  • Amount of PPC / keyword.
  • Ad extentions.
  • No. of followers on each platform.
  • engagement rate on pages.
  • Social media site linking.
  • Reviews and rating.
  • Social media posts, content, images and video engagement.

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